Home Sweet…Pop Up?

You guessed it…we bought an old pop-up camper trailer! I guess we thought we didn’t have enough to do with the house (yeah right!).  Todd and I had been tossing around the idea of a pop up, so we could take it camping and take it to Lake Nacimiento with Todd’s family because the house is getting tight.  Then I saw ideas on Pinterest of how people had fixed up old trailers to look amazing and I needed one yesterday.  See what I mean!?

We looked on Craigslist and were interested in a few with no returned emails.  Finally we found one in our budget in the area and jumped on it right after Christmas. We bought the pop up in Willow Glen and brought it home the same day. Good thing we already had a trailer hitch on our car! Meet our 1987 Coleman Sun Valley Pop Up!


When we bought the pop up it has a leak in the roof and of course a huge storm was on the way so we closed it up, covered it with a tarp and about 100 bungee cords, and hoped for the best.   After all the rain we opened it up to quite a bit of leaking in the ceiling of the interior. So we tore off as much of the ceiling as we could and let it dry for a few days. Then we did our research. We found that Pop Up Portal and Pop Up Princess are great resources for learning what you need to know about pop up remodeling.

We bought the materials we needed to seal the outside of the pop up and make it water tight again. The recommended material to seal the outside was truck bed liner paint, which is very toxic. So we bought the truck bed liner paint, special rollers, and a respirator. Luckily, you can buy truck bed liner in whichever color you want. We went for a dark charcoal grey.


While we waited for the truck bed liner paint to come we started on other projects when there was no rain to contend with! While Todd was away at a teaching conference I decided to surprise him by getting as much done on the pop up as possible. I started by priming all the cabinetry and ceiling with a sealing primer that sticks to laminate. After a coat of primer I painted all the cabinetry a nice grey color and which took 2 ½ coats. Then I started on the floors. For the floors I bought a peel and stick vinyl floor that looks like weathered wood and comes in plank pieces. This was so easy to do and only cost about $40! I love the way it turned out! Next, I replaced the knobs and drawer pulls with something that wasn’t made of plastic, a nice black iron look. Thanks to my parents for helping me get the floors in! Todd was very surprised when he got home!


Next up Todd needed to fix the leak in the roof. He donned his respirator and got to work! Man, that stuff is so stinky I couldn’t even be outside when he was painting it! I had to close all the windows and Todd worked as quick as he could. The truck bed liner was very sticky and toxic, so much so it ate away at the roller material and it said you could not use plastic paint tray liners because it would eat a whole through it! Todd worked as quick as he could! Afterward we coloring matched the truck bed liner and painted the bottom half of the pop up. It still needs another coat and we want to paint a red and white stripe and get some new Coleman logos to put where the old ones were.

With the pop up sealed we felt like it was safe to take it on a trip! This gave us a hard deadline to get as much done as possible! Next up was to recover the table cushions. My mom found some great fabric online of all places and it was a great price. We crossed our fingers that it would be what we were looking for and bought it! When it came I was so excited because the print was great and it was nice a thick, which is necessary when reupholstering cushions.

Recovering the cushions was easy because they had a wood backing that I could staple gun. All four cushions took less than a half an hour! We still have a ton more to do on the pop up but Todd and I had a great time taking it on it’s first trip. We decided to be adventurous and the pop up’s first trip was a week long adventure to Joshua Tree National Park, Sedona, and Spring Training in Scottsdale! It worked our great and was so much cheaper than flights and hotels. We can’t wait to fix it up more and take it on more adventures!






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