It’s Been Awhile.

It has been 10 months since we last blogged! Whoops! Life has gotten busy and the project have gotten smaller! 🙂  Here is a compilation of the projects we have done since last November.

  1. Hanging/ Sliding “Barn” Door to Office.  We took the regular hollow core door off the frame to enter the office which is right off the living room and had a empty hole for quite some time.  Then we took one of the doors we had removed from the workshop we tore down and got it ready to hang.  The doors have already had some work to them (see here) but were still not ready.  The doors were a beautiful teal color, extra tall, and four panel, but someone had nailed and glued particle board to one side of them that was impossible to take off! Many hands and many hours of prying and scraping went into saving a repurposing these doors.

    Once the particle board and its glue was off we puttied one side to fill in all the gouges.  Then we washed it with a TSP and hot water solution (many times).  After it dried, we waxed and buffed it with furniture wax and the door was ready. Now we needed to get all the parts and gear to hang the door.   We looked into buying a barn door kit, but they were all about $300, no thanks.  Then I found a DIY tutorial of another couple who had made their own using mostly garage door parts and spray paint.   They had me at spray paint! We ordered all the supplies and made a few trips to the hardware store and had all the stuff we needed.  Here is link to the tutorial we used here.  We thought we paid great attention but still messed up a few times.  In the end we were able to hang the door safely and it slides great! We love the teal color that was originally on the door and we even bought a vintage door plate and door knob from a local antique store to top it off!


  2. Update of trunk entertainment center.  We bought an old trunk at a yard sale years ago and have been saving it to be our entertainment center.  We loved the way it looked and had it set up for while before we got around to updating it.  As you can see below it was a little too shabby and not enough chic.  I painted the fabric interior with leftover paint from the walls to freshen it up.  The Todd and I removed the front of the drawer for the top shelf to put our cable receiver and Apple TV in.  We drilled holes out the back for the cords to go through so we wouldn’t see them.  Then we removed the front of the second drawer and put it back on with a piano bench hinge .  It flips down to reveal the other electronic elements that don’t need to be open to get a remote signal such as the router and time machine.  Again we drilled a large space out the back for cords and to give the boxes air flow so they don’t over heat.  The drawer front closes with a magnet closure so it doesn’t fall down on its own.


    We love the new clean look and really love that the cords are out of the way and electronics are off the top of the trunk!

3. Myka’s Yard Fence Re-Do.  Well when we first got Myka the fence and gate Todd made that were about hip height worked perfectly.  Then Myka grew and learned how to jump the fence and jump on the top of her dog house too!  So Todd had to add lattice to the top of the fence and gate so that little, I mean big rascal can’t get out!


4.  Todd Built Us a Bed!  For my wedding present Todd said he was going to build me something.  Well 2.5 years later, he did! He let me find plans for a bed I liked online and then he built it all by himself! I love it and I am so impressed.  It is a look alike to a bed West Elm sells but I like this one way better.  Mine has lights built in and custom colors to match our decor.  Thank you Todd!


Lastly, we have been enjoying our home with family and friends! I should have a new post up about our dining room soon!



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