Office, Hallway, and Bedroom Improvements

Our office which is really the front bedroom has been a mess since we moved in.  We had already done the desk but needed the rest of the room to come together.  We were in luck one day when we were going to Emi and Tony’s house.  As we were parking we saw a large white cabinet with glass doors on the curb across the street from their house.  We thought it looked way too nice to be one the curb for free, so we knocked on the door and asked.  They said that it was free!  Score!

photo 3

We brought it over to Emi and Tony’s garage and they delivered it in their big car later!  As I was putting things inside the cabinet I needed a place to put our files, so we bought some plaice file boxes to put on the bottom shelves.  The downside is that they were not nice to look at through the glass windows.  Time to get creative, so I got some pretty paper at the craft store and used some white card stock to create a screen to tape into the glass from the inside.  Then we added a few green and beige boxes from Home Depot and Voila! A great storage piece for the office.

photo 4

We were also very lucky that Todd’s cousin Jenyce gave us her chair that she no longer needed in her house.  It fit perfectly in the corner for reading or working on your laptop.  I needed a small table to put beside and I had a stool with no place to go, but it was a bright turquoise color.  So, I used one of my favorite tools…spray paint!  I had a can of light green spray paint so in a few minutes the stool was the perfect color to go with the chair and an extra floor lamp that we had!  Thanks Jenyce!

photo 2

Above the desk that I refurbished over the summer was a big blank wall and it needed something.  We were lucky enough to receive some large old school maps from our friend, Bonnie.  We love them and have a special place in our hearts for anything school related and add to it that they are vintage…a big win!  The maps were from a set that would hang in front of the chalk board in a San Jose State classroom from the 1950s.  So cool!  We took one of the maps Todd made a frame for it out of some cheap 1 x 3s and his handy dandy nail gun.  Then we burned the wood with a torch and sealed it with a clear coat.  Todd attached the map to the frame and hung it on the wall over the desk!  I think it looks great!  Thanks Bonnie!

Image Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Overall, we love the way the office looks now, if only we could keep it clean!  😉

Next, was a small project for the armoire in our bedroom.  We bought it at an estate sale for $125 and it fits great in our room!  One of the only things that we didn’t like was the cutouts that had an orange fabric on the inside.  We have no orange in our room and it just didn’t work.  So, I went to the craft store and bought two sheet of scrap book paper that went with the bedroom.  Then I ripped the orange fabric off, which was harder than I thought it would be.  Last I duct taped the paper from the inside.  Yes, I said duct taped because who cares, no one will see the inside of the a moire, it was hard for me to see when I bent around and taped it.  🙂

photo 5

Before: Orange

photo 1-1

After: Light green and white paisley paper.

One of my favorite things to show people when they come over is the new linen closet, which I know sounds odd.  When we bought the house it did not have a linen closet at all.  We were able to add one when we redid the layout and added a small hallway.  See the post about the bathrooms for more detail on that! Well the door to our new linen closet is not new at all.  In fact it is original to the property.  Our property had many outbuildings when we bought it in the backyard.  One of them was a workshop and it had an old door that went to a tiny 1.5 foot wide side yard.  We saved the door and used it for the linen closet.


First, it had to be made to the right size.  The door was a bit too wide for out opening and Todd and my dad cut in on the table saw to be the right width.  Then the door was a few inches too short for the new opening, so they used part of the piece they just cut off and attached it to the bottom of the door.  Next we sanded and puttied and sanded and puttied and sanded and puttied until the door was some what smooth and you can’t even tell where the piece was attached any more!  Next, we painted it but only on the wide you see in the hall way.  We decided to leave it original on the inside to show it’s age.   Then Todd had the hard task on chipping away the spots for the hinges on the door frame and hanging the door.  He did and great job!  Lastly, we put the original door knob and hardware back on and we love the end result!

11084328_10100732774201720_2065767270_n IMG_6240



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