More Backyard Fun!

Now that the bender board was in, it was time for a lawn.  Todd ordered the sod and we borrowed Tony’s Dad’s truck to go pick it up.  Thanks Tony Sr.!  Then one day while I was at a bridal shower Todd, my dad, and Tony laid the sod and made a beautiful lawn!  The only downside…Todd ordered WAY too much and you can’t return it.  So, we put some in the side yard and gave the rest to our friends Carlos and Maureen because they were interested in a new lawn.  Sorry for pressuring you into doing your lawn sooner than your wanted guys!  🙂  Todd had a great attitude about it and used it as a real life lesson when teaching his fourth graders about area!


The weekend after installing the lawn Todd and Tony went and got gold fines from the rockery and rented lawn roller from A-Tool Shed to compact it.  They put it behind the lawn where the fire pit area will be and in the veggie garden so the ground doesn’t get muddy.  It looks great!

IMG_6227 IMG_6225

Now it is the last day of Spring Break.  We have been working all week on installing the flagstone pathway around the yard.  This is a big task, but it will be beautiful and nice to not track dirt in every time we go outside!

We love our neighborhood!  Everyone looks out for each other and they even do little get togethers and dinners!  One of our awesome neighbors heard we were going to put in flagstone and said that they had extra and we could have it for free!! Amazing!  We made a time to pick it up and when we got there they even helped us cart to our house! Thanks Arlene and Rob!

Todd and I did not have to buy nearly as much flagstone because of our awesome neighbors.  Todd and my dad used Tony’s Dad’s truck and picked up the rest of the flagstone we needed and brought it back to the house. Then we laid it out and dugout and and installed each piece.  First you have to place it, then see if it is level (it never is the first time).  Then take way dirt or add dirt or add sand, then slide it back and forth, then lay it down again,then stand on it to check….and so on until it is perfectly flat.  Now, the dirt we had was full of rocks which would not be helpful when you are trying to level flagstone, so my dad built a dirt sifter out of some two by fours and wire mesh.  Then we sifted out all the rocks so we had smooth dirt to use for leveling.



Flagstone from Arlene and Rob! Thanks!

Installing the flagstone took a few days and the end result looks beautiful! At the end we planted some ground covers between the stones that will hopeful grow out in the cracks and make it more plush!  Thank you to my parents for all their help!  Special thank you to my dad for all of his expertise and labor helping with this hard project!

IMG_6274IMG_6293photo 1IMG_6304IMG_6306IMG_6307IMG_6296

I think it looks fantastic, but I am a little biased 🙂  It might be time for a party soon!


photo 2-1



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