Bathroom Reno and Old Bathroom “Redo”

Our house had quite a few layout problems when we purchased it. When we bought the house the only way to get to a bathroom was through a bedroom, which we found awkward especially if down the road our current guest bedroom is a kids room. Another issue was that the guest bedroom came right off the dining room and the master bedroom came right off the kitchen. AWKWARD! Another weird thing was that the master bedroom had a door to the Jack and Jill bathroom that also went to the guest bedroom and a door to the master bathroom.  Doors everywhere!


The upper cabinet you see would have been above the stove in the old kitchen and the dark door way you see to the right of it goes right into the master bedroom.


Before: Guest bedroom door to the Jack and Jill bathroom. You can see a bit of the vanity that we saved.


Before: Master bedroom looking from the old closet door ( which is now the entrance) into the room.

We thought of a solution to our layout issues by creating a hallway of sorts.  The master bedroom had two closets when we moved in; one was the original one for the room and the other was added when the previous owner bumped out the back of the master bedroom and added the master bath.  We decided to lose the original closet and turn it into a “hallway”.  Our hallway comes off the kitchen and has a door to the guest bedroom on the left, a door to the hall bathroom front left, a door to the linen closet front right, and a door to the master bedroom on the right.  This solved a ton of layout and flow issues for us.


DURING: From the guest bedroom looking into the eventual hallway.


DURING: From the guest bedroom looking into the demo’d bathroom and then into the master bedroom.


DURING: What went from a closet to our hallway.


AFTER: From the guest bedroom door looking across the hallway and into the master bedroom. Bathroom door and linen closet on the left.


AFTER: Looking into the hallway from the kitchen. Guest bath is the open door on the left and linen closet is the closed door on the right. You can’t see the guest bedroom door on the left wall and the master bedroom door on the right wall.

We turned the Jack and Jill bathroom into a guest bath and now guests don’t have to go through someone’s room to get to it. Yay!  To turn our Jack and Jill bathroom into a guest bathroom we had to take out the two doors and wall them up and add a new door on what used to be a solid wall.  This meant we had to completely change the layout and gut it.  This would be where I put before pictures of the Jack and Jill bathroom, but apparently I never took any. 😦 Sorry!

Our contractor did an excellent job and he and his crew did as well.  We got a new window that passed code and is frosted for privacy.  We also tiled the walls to chair rail height in white subway tile and tiled the floor in black hexagon tile.  Todd and I wanted to add back some of the charm of an old house so we found a claw foot tub on Craigslist as seen one of our previous posts.  We repainted it and it looks great in the bathroom.  We were able to save the vanity from the Jack and Jill bathroom, which was quite new.  I think they might have replaced whatever was there before to be able to sell the house.  The last touch was a new water saving toilet and the bathroom was pretty much done.


AFTER: New guest bath with “old” vanity.


AFTER: 1920’s claw foot tub feeling at home in our 1925 house.

Todd and I installed a towel rack, mirror, and toilet paper holder to make it functional and we hung a picture that Todd drew for me for some decoration.  The mirror over the sink used to be gold, but duel spray paint treatment changed it to a pewter look for cheap! We plan to make the tub into a show as well, but there is a code against that in San Jose because the valve doesn’t have temperature control and could burn kids.  So we will have to install the shower and shower curtain part after we get final inspection which should be soon.  Fingers crossed!   We love the almost finished product!  What do you think!?

Our master bathroom had been added onto the house we thing sometime in the 70’s, so things were much more functional.  All we did in the master bathroom was paint.  And I mean PAINT, we painted almost every surface!  First we painted the walls, ceiling, doors, and moldings.  Then we painted the vanity, mirror frame, storage door, and vanity light base a dark grey.  Then we got some new knobs on sale at OSH to install on the vanity and storage door.  Last we replaced the towel bars and gave everything a thorough cleaning.  We added in some towels and a bath mat and we are calling it done, for now at least.  I can’t stand how I can’t get the old linoleum floor to look clean so I may try painting it in the future as well.


BEFORE: The shower was our storage unit before we moved in!


BEFORE: Old oak door on storage cabinet in master bath.


DURING: Painting the old vanity light base


DURING: Painting the old vanity.


AFTER: not the best shots but it is a skinny bathroom and hard to get much of it in one picture 🙂


AFTER: You can see the little storage cabinet in the mirror, all newly painted.



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