A Little Work for the Outside of the House!

The garage at our new house is detached and well… needs a bit of love.  Scratch that, A LOT of love!  When it rains it holds out water like a colander!  We found this out the hard way when our kitchen was being done and water rained all over our brand new appliances that we were storing in there.  😦  Fortunately, we were able to dry them out and they all worked!!

To try and fix this issue my brother in law, Tony had a great idea of how to cover the roof with a tarp with minimal weight being placed on the the sketchy roof.  We had extra long PVC pipes leftover from when we put in irrigation and zip ties.  Tony had the idea to zip tie two corners of the tarp to two pipes and while holding it up high walk the tarp into position.  Then from the sides they could secure the tarp down.  The roof keeps out water much better now and when it rains only one corner of the garage gets wet.  Hopefully this fix can tie us over until we are ready to do a garage overhaul.

IMG_5860 IMG_5854

Over the summer we were able to find three matching  outdoor lights at a garage sale for $15!  They were the style we wanted for the house but not the color.  We took them to our home at the time and fixed them up.

IMG_2705 IMG_2706

First, we took out all the panes of glass and washed them in very hot soapy water.  This made a huge difference.  After wiping down the metal frames on the lights we spray painted them with numerous light coats of high heat matte black spray paint.

IMG_2704 IMG_2709 IMG_2708

Then the panes of glass went back in.  We love the end result.  The finish matches the house and so does the style.  We have installed two at the house so far.  One on the front porch and one out the backdoor.  More posts to come soon!light



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