Painting Party!

About 2 months ago (sorry-we’re backlogged on posts) we had friends and family over for a lovely get together.  Everyone was given a brush, roller, edger, or painters tape upon arrival.  There were also donuts and coffee, and later on pizza. We ended up painting almost all of the interior of the house, including the ceilings!  It was amazing to have this help. We had so much assistance from my mom and her husband Tom, Patch (brother), Emi and Tony (laurel’s sister and husband), Carlos and Maureen (good friends), and Laurel’s parents Gerry and Charlene.  It was incredible how quickly things went!  We really understood how wonderful the help was when it took us two more weeks to finish painting on our own! Here are a few photos from the day.

IMG_5891 IMG_5892 IMG_5889 IMG_5887  photo 4

When painting the ceilings with flat white paint, we ended up running out of it.  So Tom Holm very kindly offered to go to Home Depot to grab some paint.  As it turned out, there weren’t enough jobs for everyone all the time (not enough rollers, etc.) Tom took it upon himself to fix our closet rather than paint, which was fantastic.  The closet had an issue where it had some kind of odd paper covering rather than drywall.  So we decided to cover it with MDF rather than mud/tape and drywall.  We figured it is merely the inside of a closet so we didn’t need to spend loads of time on it. When at Home Depot, Tom unexpectedly bought all of the materials and returned with it all and set to work!  Tom only has one speed when it comes to projects.


The closet is shown here with the paper covering taken off. Very cool wood underneath, but needed to be covered as it had many gaps and was drafty.


Tom and Patch cutting the MDF in the driveway.

Finally, there was a funny event as we were moving in a week later, Macy’s delivered our couch.  It came with a lounging man on it!  Apparently it was Gerry approved.

IMG_5903 IMG_5901

– Todd


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