The Kitchen is Done!!!!

We can hardly believe it, but the kitchen is done!!! We love the way it turned out and it was so fun getting to unpack all of the awesome things we received as wedding gifts.  It has been even cooler to get to actually use them! We moved in on December 23rd (we made it in by Christmas, yes!) and will post more on the move and new bathroom soon, as well as our painting party.

Here are some pictures of the floor going down and the cabinets being installed. In the last photo, you can see the large amount of plywood shims that had to be used to level the floor!

IMG_5868 IMG_5872 IMG_2782

And here is the final result!  We are so excited to be in the house and love the new kitchen.  Good bye faux brick back-splash, wall paper, and peeling linoleum floors! It is somewhat surreal to actually LIVE in this house that has been a project for so long.  We are thrilled to be in the house, and are so happy with how it came out!

IMG_5959 IMG_5960photo 3

photo 1-1

There will be shaker pocket doors to “hide” the washer/dryer. Looks like the secret is out though…

photo 2-1 photo 4

More to come soon about the painting party we had, the dining room and living room, and both bathrooms (one was part of the project, and the master bath we painted and “updated” somewhat). We are very happy to be home!


2 thoughts on “The Kitchen is Done!!!!

  1. Happy New Year Todd & Laurel!!!

    I came about your blog by accident when I was clearing out spam on my computer. I have been meaning to contact you and come by the house, so it was telepathy that I saw the 2 blogs you sent. I love what you did with the kitchen! What a beautiful transformation and it wasn’t even done yet. It is so cool that you have had painting and door scraping parties. I’m sure your friends and family feel a personal satisfaction when they see how the house is improving with their help too. The claw foot tub is great and knowing where it and the door comes from is pretty cool. Have you been to the Alameda Point Antique fair in the Oakland area? There are alot of amazing finds at those. I think it happens on the 1st Sunday of the month if I recall.

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop with your blog. I will look for it now. When I’m in the area I will be spontaneous and text you guys. I would love to see the house in person. What a rewarding thing it is to put your own sweat equity, personality and charm into your home! You are doing all the right things to bring your value way up!

    Cheers to home sweet home!


    • Thanks Pam!!! We are so excited to be in the house! I have heard of the Alameda Point Antique Fair. It is one of my favorites, they have everything! Please give and call or text when you are here, we would love to see you and show you the house! It looks a lot better than before!


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