Fun Finds in Oakland

Back in early November we needed a tub for the bathroom remodel. Todd and I have been wanting to add back the charm and history to our 1920s home, so we wanted to get a claw foot tub for the bathroom. We looked on craigslist and were able to find one for sale in Oakland. We called the person up and set up a time to buy it over thew weekend. The tub had just come out of the 1920s fourplex the seller lived in and was remodeling.

IMG_2852 IMG_2850

The exterior had seen better days and was pink and teal. The interior had scuffs but overall looked quite good. We decided to buy it and loaded it up in Todd’s Dad’s Denali that he was letting us borrow. Thanks Bill! My parents came to help up load it. Thanks Charlene and Gerry! We will count the load up successful as only one foot fell off. My parents knew that there were some great salvage shops in Oakland, so we headed over.

IMG_2855 IMG_2854 IMG_2853

We spent some time at Restore and got a few things like hinges for the garden fence and a few nails and screws. Next store to Restore was The Reuse People, another salvage store. In this store was a ton of old windows, doors, cabinets, lights, and more. Luckily we were able to find one door that was the right size and swung the right direction. The door was still hung on the door frame and was a steal at only $32! The doors and windows there all have a sticker that tells you the address of the house it was salvaged from. Our door came from a house on Delaware Street!


Into the truck it goes!


$32 well spent!

When we got it home we sanded the exterior of the tub down and headed to our second home, the hardware store!  We bought some grey paint and gave the whole tub exterior a full coat, even the bottom. The interior got a scrub down because we thought the tub was going into the house the next day.  Turns out…the tub then sat out in the driveway for weeks, but it looked nice!

There was not much in our house from when it was built, but the double doors to the old workshop were super detailed and old! Yay! Unfortunately, they had particle board nailed to the outside. We decided to save the doors and use them somewhere in the house. Oh man, if only we knew how many hours these doors would take to get back to their former glory. Once we started to try and take the particle board off it became apparent that not only was the particle board nailed down, it was also glued down! Who does that?!


Ugh! So much scraping!


You can the door now!

We scraped and pryed and scraped for hours. We even had a crew of people helping that day and it still took forever. We found out that if the glue got wet it was easier to scrape off, so we then started soaking and scraping and prying. WE now have two doors we can use in the house. I am hoping to hang one on a barn door track in the living room as a new door to the office. Stay tuned for that project!



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