Furniture Redo

Here are some furniture projects we have done lately.

Project #1

While the weather was still nice we tackled a few more furniture projects for the new house. Over the summer we went to an estate sale in the area and found awesome library files for the old Dewey Decimal system cards. I saw them and thought those would make a good coffee table. We got them for a steal and bought two to make a large coffee table and Emi and Tony bought one for a future project as well.

old library file

Here is what they looked like before.

Once we got them to the house we discussed how to give them a top. We ended up buying a large solid piece of pine at Home Depot and cutting a piece to cover the top of each library file with a little lip. The library files had little copper tubes plugs on the top corners to help them stack, so we had to make the same sized holes in the bottom of our table top so they would fit snugly. This brought in the drill and some very careful drilling.


Unfinished Top


Drilling Time!

My mom and I worked together and fitted the tops and then moved onto painting the top and staining the old library files. We painted many coats of grey and clear sealer to finish the top. Then I added wheels to the bottom so the table would be at the right height and be easy to move.


Painting the Tops

We intend of using them pushed together to make a big square. To keep them from coming apart we think we are going to use a clasp like the one below. We decided to wait until we use them for awhile to see if we need the clasps or not.


Clasp or no clasp.

Here is the finished project!



Project #2

A desk! Our friend Molly had nice solid wood desk that had been in her house for years. It was originally a mahogany finish and had a top that had been damaged. Molly did not need it anymore and asked if we wanted it. Um…Yes Please! She even delivered it! Wow!

Once the desk was at our house we glued as much of the top back down as we could with wood glue and clamps. Then we sanded and sanded and sanded down the top. After this It tried to paint it with some white paint I had but for some reason the paint was not sticking and was just getting super clumpy and rough looking. My mom and I think it was because under the polyurethane layer that I sanded off it was oiled and the oil did not like the paint.

We had heard of this magical paint called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that was supposed to stick to anything without sanding. It is even supposed to work on leather and fabric. We had looked into it before but it is hard to find and pretty pricey. Since we were so frustrated by the paint not sticking we looked up to see where the expensive chalk paint was sold.


We found out it was sold at a shop in Downtown Willow Glen not far from our house. My mom and I hopped in the car and headed over. It was pricey, but when your usual tactics have not worked it is time to pull out the big guns. We bought the paint and wax and headed back to the house. The lady at the shop said since the oil was bleeding through the paint we should try spraying a matte clear spray paint on it first to seal in the oil before using the chalk paint. I already had the spray paint from the coffee table and it worked like a charm.

A few days later I painted white on the body of the desk white and the top grey. Then I waxed it with a rag the next day and voila! Here is the finished desk! Thanks Molly! Sorry I have no before pictures, I forgot this time !



A little off topic but when garage sale-ing (is that a verb?) over the summer I found this amazing deal! All the tools below for….$10! Who is the best wife ever? 🙂


Until next time,


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