Garden Beds and Some Garden Fence!

With the irrigation pretty much finished Todd and I decided to tackle building garden beds for our future vegetable garden.  My parents who are our fabulous helpers and wealth of knowledge were out of the country on a much deserved vacation.  Todd and I thought the vegetable gardens were something we could handle on our own.



IMG_2294 IMG_2295

We saved a bunch of redwood planks from taking down the man cave and workshop, which was a great move that ended up saving us a ton of money!  Yay! First we removed all the nails and other debris from the planks and sorted them into piles by size.  Then I planned out what we could build with our space and the amount of wood we had.  With suggestions from our resident yard designer (my dad) we went with a “L” shape.

We then went to Home Depot and OSH to grab posts, bolts and malleable washers.  My Mazda 6 can surprisingly hold 8 eight foot 4 by 4 posts! It only took us a few trips to the hardware store to get what we needed.  We then had help from Emi and Tony to trim boards to the right size and put together the walls.  Thanks guys!


Kaila came to help!

IMG_2303 IMG_2301 IMG_2300 IMG_2299 IMG_2297






























The next day Patch and Teresa came over and helped us assemble the walls and put them in the ground.  We finally built something!!! I love that we reused all the wood on the outside on the of the beds and only had to buy the posts!

IMG_2316 IMG_2315 IMG_2330 IMG_2303















Ta Da!












Next, Tony came back again and helped us build a portion of the fence.  We had to use real math to figure out  what angles to cut the 2 by 4s (with only a few mess ups).  I had to download a protractor app on my phone and bust out my 5th grade math skills.  It worked out and we had most of the fence done by the end of the day.  We delayed building the gate and the rest of the garden fence so we could easily get wheel barrows in to fill the giant garden beds we built.


So many angles!

IMG_2335 IMG_2327

The next weekend Todd and I took all the large rocks and even old cracked ceramic planters and threw them in the garden beds to take up space and save us money on dirt.   We then filled loads of dirt into the wheel barrow and dumped it in the new garden beds. This was a win-win situation because we needed to grade down the dirt level in the side yard and we needed to fill the bottom 2/3s of the garden bed with fill dirt.  After a full of moving dirt we cleaned out the side yard and found a brick path that we didn’t know was there! Score!  We also filled almost 2/3 of the garden beds with fill dirt and saved a few hundred bucks! Woo!


Side yard before…


Side yard after!


Newley discovered brick pathway

IMG_2334 IMG_2332

Onto the next project!



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