Appliances are Here!!!

We have started the kitchen, well kind of.  We have at least bought the appliances and they have been delivered.  We hit the Labor Day sales at Home Depot to get what we needed.  As you can see this post is a bit late. 🙂

We picked out and bought a refrigerator, a range, a hood, a dishwasher, a washer, and a dryer.  Whoo! Everything was set to be delivered until we found out that the fridge we bought was a floor model and Home Depot doesn’t deliver floor models.  We had to come pick it up the next day, eek!

Never fear, Todd came up with a plan.  We were borrowing Todd’s dad’s SUV (Thanks Bill) to rent a trencher which comes on a trailer.  Since we had the trailer attached anyways we unloaded the trencher and went to pick up the fridge in the trailer and brought it back to the house.  Then we tried to get it inside only to realize …it doesn’t fit through the door. 😦


Bill was over to help that day and he and Todd got to work taking the handles and the doors off the fridge! It then fit through the door and was reassembled.

A few weeks later the rest of the appliances were delivered and Todd’s sister Anna was super helpful and over saw the delivery because of course it was during the middle of the day on a weekday.  Thanks Anna! Now we have all of our appliances and are really ready to start the kitchen remodel.  If only we could get those elusive permits.





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