Water Main and Backyard Irrigation – Complete (mostly)!

The water main has been replaced!  As we dug trenches all over the place, we realized the sad state of the water main, so we called on our kitchen contractor to replace it with copper- and upgrade it to 1″ instead of 3/4″ pipe.  He was able to finish the job all in one day! He then left a valve for the backyard that has a shut off, which was where we could connect our backyard irrigation.

Speaking of the backyard irrigation, we were able to finish laying pipe in only two weekends thanks to some amazing expert help.  I believe it has been mentioned that Laurel’s dad, Gerry, was a landscape designer at one time.  He has been integral in advising our work in the backyard (and everywhere else…).  However, I got a great email from my Uncle Bob (my dad’s brother in law) explaining that he has done irrigation work in the past, and would love to help us lay the pipes.  Being that we’re unexperienced (and SLOW) at just about everything, we’re not in a place to turn down help.  I did have to ask Bob if he was sure he wanted to drive for an hour each way to work in the hot sun, and then drive an hour home.  He said he was, so I asked no more questions!

We were so grateful to have Bob helping us out. Plus, he is such a kind and fun person who we don’t get to see often enough, and we got to catch up while we worked. It also didn’t hurt that Bob is a machine, and continually outworked me in every measurable facet of PVC pipe laying.  Bob and I put pipes everywhere in the backyard.  From pressure lines and sprinklers, to drip irrigation lines and mister lines- we ran just about all of the pipes.  Bob also connected the valves.  Gerry also came by and helped for a few hours that day as well, and he was able to advise on some of the questions that I had.

Bob the irrigation machine wouldn’t leave until the job was done, and that meant 5:00 PM!  He came at 9:00 AM!  We have had so much generous help from family, we are truly grateful. Below are the pictures of the irrigation project.  Now we just have to get the drip lines installed, as well as the sprinklers.  This was a big job though, and would have taken a very long time. Thanks Uncle Bob!



Gerry the landscaper drawing our amazing plans! He made our ideas have a real plan.


The valves and their pipes flowing from them. Bob’s handy work!


Looking down the side yard. The irrigation ties into the main line to left of the lemon tree.

IMG_5369IMG_5368  IMG_2195 IMG_2194


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