Repurposing and Refinishing

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE repurposing items and re-doing furniture.  Decor projects are what I do best.

Project #1-Outdoor Chairs

My mom was out on her morning walk when and she walked past a garage sale.  The man was selling everything for a dollar! She asked about the chairs and he said that even the chairs were a dollar each! She snatched them up and brought them to the house.  A few cans of textured black spray paint later and they look great!  They are super comfy especially with the end of summer clearance five dollar cushions! Thanks mom for the great find!



photo 5

After and Before

Project #2- Outdoor Fireplace

Way back when the backyard was still full of buildings there was a cabana room/ card room with a retro cone fireplace.  It has seen better days and had a lot of rust on it.  We saved it when we tore that building down because I thought I could sell it on Craigslist to someone who likes mid-century modern classics.  Then we had our friends Carlos and Maureen over to show them the house and Carlos saw the fireplace and mentioned that it would make a good outdoor chiminea.  What a good idea!

I sanded it down and cleaned it.  Then I got my tool of choice, spray paint!  This time we got matte black high heat spray paint.  A few coats later the chiminea looks as good as new and ready to warm up the backyard during future outdoor parties.  Sorry, no after picture yet.  It looks pretty much the same, but with a nice new clean coat of matte black.  🙂

photo 2

Fireplace Before

photo 4




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