We Get By With A Little Help From Our Family

School has started so work on the house has been relegated to weekends only, but we make good use of our time!

Over the past two weekends many little projects have been finished and even more projects have been started! Back at the beginning of summer we had a bunch of buildings torn down and one building cut in two, and we left the two car garage standing.  We thought it looked quite odd having the unfinished and former interior wall still bare wood.  If it were cool old barn wood, we may have left it alone, but it just looked funky. So we opted to match the paint from the front of the garage (which matches the house) and paint the newly exposed side of the house.



















During this project, we had the DiPiero/Uenaka family renovation team over to help us, so we were able to tackle another couple of projects.  Emi and Laurel were on painting. Tony, Gerry and Charlene were taking out Oleander bushes that were adjacent to the driveway.  I was working on what I call a “homeowner job.”  This is a job that you shouldn’t ask the kind and gracious family members who are offering free labor to complete.  Today’s homeowner job was removing the last of the ivy from the other side of the garage, as well removing a lot of random debris from that area.

Painters at work:









Oleander removal.  There were two huge bushes at the beginning of the day. (This picture is from awhile back.)

photo 5







The end of the day meant the end of the oleander.  We had to make room for espaliered fruit trees.











The side of the garage, all cleaned up!  There was no before picture of this one- but it was nasty!

IMG_5250 IMG_5251-0










The day was another long, dirt filled fun fest.  We are so grateful for all the help from Gerry, Charlene, Emi and Tony.  They were small jobs, but had to get done!  Next up, we tackle the water main and irrigation!
Here is a photo that shows just how much plant matter that was removed. The plants across the street are our yard waste pile.







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