Foundation Repairs and a Fence

In early August our appointment with the foundation repair company finally rolled around.  Yay!  Since our house sits a bit higher off the road than most houses do there is a bit of room between the foundation and the floor joists (about a foot and a half).  This area is called a cripple wall and during an earthquake could cause the house the cripple at this point and fall to one side or the other, not good.  So we got the cripple walls enforced and got the house bolted to the foundation so it won’t get disconnected during an earthquake.  Now we are safe!












We also finally came around to our fence appointment.  A Cut Above Fence and Deck came out and installed our beautiful fence from start to finish in just a few hours.  They did an excellent job and the fence looks beautiful and sturdy!  After removing about 10,000 nails from this property already, you know what we love most about our new fence????  It was made entirely with screws! Yay!!!



Fence about to go up!


Our New Fence!

We also have added 13 cubic yards of soil to the yard because after removing all the concrete and building there was a large divot in the backyard.  With much help from my parents we moved and rototilled all 13 yards of soil into the yard!  Tony also helped us load an entire trailer full of junk to take to the dump.  With an empty trailer on site we decided it was time to say good-bye to our 15 gallon maple tree that had been left in it’s plastic bucket so long that it grew it’s roots into a crack in the cement.  That thing was hard to take out!  We were sad to see it go but had to get rid of it because in is where our eventual deck will go!













Thanks Bill for letting us use your trailer rental!

IMG_2077 IMG_2072












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