Old House = Interesting Finds

One of the things I learned growing up in an old victorian house was that there was always the possibility of finding something old in the dirt, under floor boards or even in the walls.  Our “new” house is no different.  Back in the day before curbside  garbage pickup any trash was thrown in a pile at the back of the yard.  Over time most items broke down but some more persistent remnants from the past stuck around to be revealed or unearthed many years later.




Here is a little gallery of the pieces we have found at our house so far…

photo 4

Metal Pulley

photo 2

8 Inch Nail

photo 3

Beautiful teal, blue and dark green tiles.

photo 4-1

Purple Glass

photo 4-2

Piece of a Shoe!

photo 3-2

Jar Lid and Bottle Cap

photo 2-2

Some sort of rodent skull.

photo 1-2

Melted glass

photo 4-3


photo 2-3

Huge 9 inch bullet!

photo 3-3

Back end of bullet, says 1942










photo 1-3

Old Tiny Smirnoff Bottle

photo 1 photo 1-1 photo 3-1 photo 2-1

Who knows what else we will find!





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