Craigslist for the Win!

Most of the time we are the ones buying things off Craigslist and fixing them up, but lately the tables have turned.  We had a large sturdy, but way too big and spider covered bar that was in the old cabana room.  We also had a cool double cement sink in the old laundry room that we loved but would not be needing in the new laundry room.  Lastly, we had a ton of brick with mortar still attached from taking out two brick walls and a brick planter.



Bar from Cabana Room


Bar or tool bench?


I thought I could take a brick chisel and easily remove the mortar to reuse the brick again somewhere else.  Todd rolled his eyes at me when I bought the brick chisel and I was going to show him how right I was.  Then he got a real good laugh as I sat there trying to chisel off mortar for 20 minutes and only managed to get one clean brick.  Needless to say Todd was right and we thought we were going to have to spend a lot of money to dispose of the brick envisioning dumpster after dumpster. See, we had done our homework and knew that brick is one of the most expensive items to dispose along with cement.  Then we were told that if you put brick with mortar on Craigslist for free people will come pick it up and take it away!

photo 5

From brick wall to patio.

photo 4-5

More bricks leaving and more open space!








Todd sat down one night and put all three items on Craigslist at about 11:00pm.  By the time we woke up in the morning at 7:30 we had 7 emails about the bricks, 2 about the bar, and 1 about the sink.  We sold the sink to a couple who were adding a laundry room to their Victorian home in Willow Glen and wanted something to match the era of the home.  Cha-ching!  Plus, the sink was being used again and would be loved in a new home! The bricks were taken that day by a man who was going to reuse them to make a patio in his backyard to cut down on the amount of grass and save some water.  Yay! Plus, we didn’t have to pay to dispose of them!


Beautiful double cement sink to a new home!

Lastly, a woman was coming that same day to pick up the bar, we were going to have a perfect 3 for 3!  Alas, she didn’t show and ruined our Craigslist trifecta!  No worries because someone else came the next day and bought it!  We (almost) posted and sold all three items in 24 hours!  Craigslist for the win!



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