Well, we are done with backyard demolition!  The main things that have happened since our last post are concrete removal, more debris removal, and the cement cutting.


Space to work with!


We are so pleased to have this part done in only 2.5 days!  Now, we have to “walk the walk” and get started with our projects!  We have a fence to build, dirt to move, and an electrician to call to get the garage electrified. There are also about 40 million nails in the dirt, so we’ll have to use the handy-dandy magnet bar quite a bit more.  Laurel has already done about 40 bar-fulls, and there are so many more nails!

We’ve also ordered dirt to fill in the pit that the workshop area was built on.  We got compost from the Guadalupe landfill for $30 per cubic yard (SO exciting…right!?).  Now we have to move that dirt.


Dirt Delivery

Another “little” project (4 hours of work!) was to get the gravel and rock that was left-over into the basement.  Apparently, there was a project done under the house where they excavated dirt from under the foundation.  The workers then neglected to backfill the dirt/rock, so there was a hole left underneath the foundation- which is a problem.   This has caused a slight sag in the foundation, which is obviously something we don’t want to get worse over time.


The bottom of the foundation shouldn’t be visible.

Todd to the rescue! I thought we might as well use the gravel and dirt that we have in the area where the workshop used to be to backfill that area.  However, it was a fair amount of work due to the wheel barrows inability to navigate 8 stairs down into the basement.  Instead, I used a bucket and got it full of rocks and dirt, and then lifted it overhead into the area needed to fill.  It took seemingly forever, but it is done.



All in all, we never thought we’d be so excited to see a backyard full of dirt with no back fence, but here we are!  Things are looking good, and our vision of what the backyard can look like is becoming something.  Hopefully we’ll have another post next week, as that would imply we’ve finished another small step!

– Todd


The concrete pad where the deck will eventually sit on top of.


From where the back fence will be. We need a window to break up that wall!


This is the cut side of the 2 car garage. We will eventually put reclaimed siding on this area, along with tar paper underneath.


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