Dinner and Demo!

While we were gone at the lake we were able to get the termite repairs done and get the house tented so we didn’t waste any time, yay!

So while we were doing this….

photo 1-5

Lake Almanor

The house was doing this…

tent house

Not actually our house, but you get the picture ūüôā

We have also come to the conclusion that tearing down the workshop and one car garage while leaving the two car garage intact was not something we could handle. ¬†I was too afraid of accidentally bringing down the part of the building we wanted to keep or worse, someone getting hurt. ¬†So…we hired a company to do so and we are so glad we did! ¬†The demo company will take down the workshop, and one car garage and cut the building to keep the two car garage up! They will also take away all the concrete we don’t want and jack hammer it out!

Since they are going the cut up the giant concrete slab that is currently our backyard we had to decide where to cut ( what to leave and what to haul away). ¬†We decided to ask my parents for help figuring out where to make the cut lines and stopped at the house on the way to dinner. ¬†We had already taken out one brick wall and there was one left next to the house. We were going to keep this one to hide the underneath part of our eventual deck. ¬†However….during discussions with my parents we decided we didn’t need it and would take it down since it wasn’t structurally safe or secure. ¬†The problem was that the demo guys were coming the next day and the wall had to be down and moved before they got there in the morning. ¬†Ah!

photo 1-2

Part of the brick wall before

Thus began the pre dinner demo while in sandals, shorts, and skirts.  We have learned never to go over to the house with sandals on because we can never go there and do no work.  Something always comes up.


My dad grabbed a breaker bar and knocked over half the wall in about 15 seconds.  See what I mean about being not so structurally sound?  We demo-ed the whole wall and moved it to be picked up by someone from craigslist later.  (Side Note: Did you know that if you put brick with mortar still on it on Craigslist for free you will get about 10 emails by the morning of people wanting to come pick it up and haul it away for you for free!  Dumping it ourselves would have cost us hundreds!  Thanks for the AWESOME tip Scott!)

photo 3-5 photo 2-5

photo 5

Ready to be hauled away (for free)!

photo 4-5

All done and in sandals!

We then drew chalk lines of where we wanted all the cut lines on the concrete to be and proceeded to dinner just now in dusty sandals, shorts, and skirts. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Demo Day tomorrow!




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