Demo Time!!!! Part Two

The dumpster was scheduled to arrive Tuesday morning…..but…..didn’t arrive until Tuesday after 3.  😦

In the morning Todd and I worked in the workshop taking out cabinets and countertops.  We also uncovered more of the barn wood floors.


I had to leave to go teach a dance camp for the afternoon and my parents came over to help.  Todd and Papa took out the huge workshop window that Tony had uncovered the day before.  We were able to save 2/3 of it to use somehow later on in the house, most likely as a decoration.

Then the dumpster came! Yay!


Todd, Patch, Papa, and Mama helped fill the dumpster precisely and used their Tetris skills in real life!  When the were about done loading my dad said, “Where’s my phone?…Oh No!”  My mom called it and yes, as you might have guessed, it fell out of his shirt pocket and was way at the bottom of the dumpster.  Thus began the unloading of the dumpster and found the phone in one piece.


Found it!


The refilling of the dumpster was not as efficient as the first go-round, but it got the job done.  My dad took off his hat at one point and hung it one side by the big door to walk into the dumpster.  Then the door was closed and rest of the dumpster was filled to the top.  It was then realized that my dad’s hat was stuck in the hinges of the dumpster door and would not come loose unless the door was opened.  But…..if the door was opened everything would fall out.  That was not happening so the dumpster company was donated a hat!  My mom then said, “How do you survive on your own?”, to my dad.

photo 1

Good-bye Hat!



Over the next few days Todd and I took down one of the brick walls, put more in the dumpster, and Todd moved the brick planter that was attached to the cabana building.  The dumpster left early Friday morning and the yard finally hard some space in it.

photo 3

Yard before the bricks were taken out!

photo 3-1 photo 2-1 photo 1-1 photo 2

Todd used his skills and fixed the wobbly wheel barrow with a vice grip and invented a new brick moving system using an old piece of sheet metal and a dolly. Genius!

photo 4-1       photo 4

On Friday morning we loaded up the old Ranchero with scrap metal and filled it all the way up.  We then took it to scrap and make a little money.  We had seen people do this on TV and make $40 for not much scrap metal.  It took forever to get help at the scrap yard and abut an hour later we left with……….$14. 😦  Not quite what we expected, but better than a stick in the eye.   We got the house ready for fumigators who would be coming while we were away and left the house for a refreshing week at the lake.




This plus more got us…$14.


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