A BIG change :)

Today was, as the title implies, an exciting day.  As we stated earlier in this blog, we like to do projects ourselves, but sometimes they are out of our knowledge base and it just makes sense to let a professional come in and do the work. We decided that cutting the barn/garage in half, and tearing out 50+ yards of concrete was one of those “professional” projects.  We made this decision also factoring in “normal person” concrete disposal costs and found that adding professional labor into the mix makes sense because they can dispose of the concrete much cheaper. Let’s also just say my back (and my family and friends’ backs!) are very happy with the choice!  Anyway, here is what happened today:

photo 1-3

Before (Shows workshop, one car garage and a bit of 2 car.


Workshop and one car are GONE! Look at all that sky!

We had a company called SV Demolition come out (Silicon Valley Demolition).  We love these guys so far.  Scott owns the company and is professional and thorough. He has been on time each day- no appointment windows.  8 am means he will be there at 8 am.   We found them on Yelp, and they had rave reviews. Scott and his team had a Bobcat and a dump truck with them today, and they got a ton of work done!

We had them cut the building to keep the 2 car garage intact.  We now have a HUGE backyard!  Very soon the concrete will be out, and we can get back to the dirt.  This is when we will be able to tackle some of those more manageable (and less painful) projects ourselves- like putting in a lawn, vegetable garden, a fence, and maybe a bocce ball court or something.

The work moved quickly with the Bobcat (I think we need one!). Below are some in progress pictures.

photo 4-3 photo 3-4 photo 4-4 IMG_4953


Finally, underneath the barn floor we found some long lost friends.  I think these guys inhabited the workshop about 40 years ago.  We counted 6 Possums!





Anyway, we’re getting even more excited to see all of this outdoor space.  It feels like potential is being realized.  More to come!





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