Demo Time!!! – Part One

We have been meeting with designers and termite people and foundation people, the list goes on and on, but we finally started a project where it felt like we were doing something!  With the help of many family members we tore down the old cabana/ card room in the backyard.

Background of the backyard:

When you walk out the back door of the house all you see is building and concrete.  No plants, no space.  Since this house is historical the garage has a history too!  The garage used to be a barn.  The barn/garage goes from one fence to fence all the way across the back of the property.  We were told the barn used to span even longer than across the property but was cut to fit the property when the land was portioned of into lots.  The building has awesome barn wood on the three sides you can’t see unless you are squeezing your head between the barn and the fence.  The barn in now a two car garage, a one car garage, and a workshop.  Attached to the left side of the garage/barn was the cabana which was built most likely in the 60’s.  It was built by Jack the previous owner himself and was used to play cards.  The old cabana had a bar, fireplace, and a lot of termites.


Project Time:


The cabana lived a long and happy life but it came time on Saturday to say good-bye to a termite ridden building and hello to backyard space.  Todd, Tony, and Papa got to work on dismantling the roof and mid-century fireplace while I worked on uncovering the 100 year old barn wood floors in the workshop.  Almost the entire floor in the workshop had thin plywood nailed all over it covering the awesome 2 inch think wide plank barn wood underneath.  After about 1,000 nails let just say I am pretty good with a pry bar and vice grip.

IMG_1515 IMG_1516 IMG_1517

Up on the roof layers of roofing material were coming down and inside the fireplace was being dismantled.  With only a few run ins with hornets and one trip the hardware store we were well on our way.  After uncovering the roof we found that the roof wood was long planks of redwood.  We salvaged what we could and plan on using it to re-do part of the garage siding.  At they end of the day the roof was off and the windows and sliding glass doors were out of the cabana.

IMG_4818 IMG_4819 IMG_4821



Demo Day Two:

On Sunday we had big changes!  We had many helpers.  Todd, Tony, Emi, Papa, Patch and Teresa worked their butts off!  More of the cabinets came out in the workshop and the window between the workshop and the cabana was uncovered.  The walls to the cabana came down (see video) and Todd and Patch went to town with sledge hammers and took down the cinder block wall at the back of the cabana.  As they were taking down the cider block wall they found the previous owner had put his empty Olympia Beer cans into the hollow spaces in between blocks, about 12 of them!   The back of the house was uncovered because the dead tree and dangerous Pittosporum bush were taken down with a chainsaw!


Cinder Block Video-

Wall Coming Down Video-



IMG_1514 IMG_4849 IMG_4857



Patch “The Cinder Block Master” Myers


After Demo Day Two!

Thank you to all our helpers.  We couldn’t do it with out you!  Demo part two to come soon!




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