Our Home’s Story…

We have always wanted to live in a historical home.  Fortunately, this house was built in 1925 and has had a long life before we came around.  From what we know, the memories sound happy and cherished.  We’re extremely grateful to know this history.  When Gerry and Charlene went to the foundation inspection, one of the brothers who grew up in the home was present.  He was, by Charlene’s description, a “VERY nice man.”  Bob spent at least an hour walking Laurel’s parents around and telling stories about his life in the house. He was thrilled to know that we had no plans to tear the house down (just a few of the structures in the back are being taken down or modified). What made Bob happiest was the news that we would be using his cherished Meyer Lemon tree that is on the side yard.  Bob even noted that he would have been more saddened by the tree coming down than the house!

Bob and his family moved into the house in 1951.  He has a brother, Tom, and his parents were Jack and Lexie.  They grew up happily in the house after Jack returned from WWII.  The home was owned by Bob and Tom’s grandparents and they actually moved in to take care of the grandma when their grandpa passed away.  The family lived very happily in the home and Lexie passed away some time ago.  Jack moved out a few years ago to live in an assisted living facility and passed away last summer.  Bob told my parents stories of how his mother loved to create her own ceramics and how their father was a carpenter.  They used to have a table in the kitchen and played cards in the cabana that Jack built.  There used to be an empty lot at the end of the street which then became Lou’s Village’s parking lot and is now apartments.  In the old empty lot they used to play baseball and had their own sand lot.

We were very excited to learn that Bob even brought some old pictures of the house so we could see what it looked like way back when.  See below.  We are so excited to bring the house back to it’s former glory and make many happy memories of our own.



old house1

Bob and Tom

old house3

Bob, Tom and the Barn/Garage

old house2

Bob, Tom, Grandma, and Mom


One thought on “Our Home’s Story…

  1. How wonderful that you’ve been lucky enough to meet someone that not only lived in your home but has some fantastic photos to prove it!!!!
    I would love to know more about the previous residents of our house.

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